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Meet the face behind the posts



Hi, I’m Tamara Thomas, and I'm so glad you've joined me on

this journey.


I’m a New York native, xennial, fashion industry professional,

mentor, and entrepreneur.





In the capsule wardrobe world there are very few Black voices, and

that is how this blog was born.

Giving real life advice, straight no chaser, of how a fashionista

evolved her wardrobe to one full of clothes she absolutely loves.


Something I want for each and every one of you.

I came to capsule wardrobing thru my love of solo travel and history.


As I've gotten older, solo retreats have become a refuge.

Solo travel is difficult carrying multiple bags, and let's not forget the dreaded checked bag fee.

I watched countless videos on ways to travel lighter, even for trips a week or more.

More and more I found a common thread, a concept called capsule wardrobing.


Historically, this is how many of your favorite style icons used to dress.

Signature looks, but not a closet full of clothing.

The more I traveled, the more I shopped in a capsule, and the more money I saved, I slowly started to incorporate capsule wardrobe principles into my everyday and work wardrobes also.

Soon, my entire wardrobe was one big capsule.

With the rise of fast fashion and my ever changing style, I thought my capsule wardrobe would no longer work.


Surprisingly, it still does.



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