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building a color palette

color palettes can be as basic or as dynamic as you want them to be

find colors that look great against your complexion, and build from there

a versatile color palette is essential for a versatile capsule wardrobe

so many colors and prints look great together

tailoring your wardrobe to a color palette, that is uniquely your own, will aide you in avoiding unflattering colors and prints

you can create a palette for the full year, or each season
imagine knowing you will have pieces in your closet, that coordinate with new purchases and look great on you, because they are based on a predetermined palette?

ask yourself – 
what colors or prints do you naturally gravitate to?
of the colors you currently wear, which do you feel look the best on you?
make you feel the best? 

defining your palette – 

choose the core, statement, and key colors/prints that are specific to you
core colors will ground your palette
most core palettes consist of black, white, and brown
consider expanding your core palette beyond that
fatigue green, khaki, bordeaux, navy, and all shades of denim are great core colors as well

statements colors are colors and prints that stand out
they are the eye-catching colors and prints in your wardrobe
they can also be a specific pattern or texture like leather, sequins, patents, suede, faux fur, animal prints, plaids, stripes, and polka dots

key colors and prints are less specific and have more to do with tying your outfits together
a common thread in multiple outfit combinations
you wear them often, because these key items complete your looks
your key colors and prints can live in your core, or statement assortments
or can be something completely different that tie your core and statement assortments together

most capsule wardrobes would recommend 80% core and 20% statement pieces
they also recommend your key pieces to all come from your core assortment

not here

not ever

your palette should have an eclectic a mix of core, statement, and key pieces
as many as you desire

my advice?
stray away from color chips
build your palette using articles of clothing, preferably ones you own
consider shades of colors, also, to transition from season to season

for instance, one of my core colors is grey
in the warmer months, i wear lighter shades of grey, but in the cooler months, i wear darker shades
many of my statement colors are jeweled tones
in the cooler months i wear them in solid pcs, and in the warmer months, i tend to wear them with bright white, or as part of a print, normally with a white background

don’t forget to add metal finishes to your palette – silver, gold, rose gold, gunmetal, etc.
metal finishes are essential to tying your palette together
metal finishes will assist you when coordinating the hardware on eyewear, accessories and footwear
don’t leave them out

there is natural flexibility in palettes with versatile colors and prints
this flexibility doesn’t exist with the typical capsule wardrobe palettes


the same cardinal rule applies

the most important rule when building your palette

color coordination

do these colors and prints coordinate together?

they must

not each and every color or print

but, the majority of them must coordinate with one another to create cohesive formulas

if you took all of your wardrobe out of your closet, and created outfits, which ones do you gravitate to the most? the least?
which colors and prints work well with almost everything?
which ones work well with virtually nothing? or only one particular formula?
the items that don’t coordinate, will naturally fall out
practice this again and again with your entire wardrobe
place the prints and colors that don’t look great on you, or don’t coordinate well together, aside
you will slowly weed those items out of your wardrobe
as you purchase new items, use your palette to narrow the colors and prints you purchase into

slowly but surely, you will build a wardrobe in a palette that looks great on you and coordinates seamlessly together

building my palette – 

my palette is full of the colors and prints i’ve loved for many years, but also essential textures

for instance, i love african and boho prints
how do I tie them into my palette?
i wear african and boho prints in the colors of my palette, normally in black and white
and just like that, they seamlessly coordinate with my wardrobe

the logo from this blog is actually pulled from my color palette
a black and white print, metallic and jeweled toned sequins, and camouflage

most important are my core colors which ground each outfit
they are a mix of classics i love which work year round, layered in with seasonal textures like leather and suede
my core colors include – 
black – in every texture, but especially loved in leather, knit and woven dresses, tops, and bottoms
white/cream – obsessed with white or cream dresses and monochromatic white or cream formulas
grey – in everything; every shade of gray is a staple in my wardrobe
denim – in everything, in every shade, because it’s denim; for the same reason as grey
navy – my mother’s favorite color; looks very chic and classic in formal, and is a great alternative to black
fatigue green – one of the most transitional colors across all seasons, can be worn with almost everything, very similar to denim
saddle – a rich red/orange brown; a warm tone that coordinates with black, grey, navy, denim, and fatigue; perfect
camel – a lighter tone of brown, a bit more sandy, perfect for spring/summer months and great transition to fall/winter in leathers and suedes

for my statement colors, i chose a combination of jeweled tones and pastels
pastels (pale sage, lilac, and pale pink) – these colors look great with natural animal prints, brushed gold, saddle, and camel; they can also be coupled with grey and classic black; these cool colors can be worn year round
jeweled tones (ruby, emerald, amethyst, sapphire, honey yellow, and fuchsia) – deep tones, ranging from very dark to medium, also can be worn all year round, a real stand out in the summer especially, when coupled with bright white
sequins – daytime, nighttime, jeweled tones, pastels, and classic finishes; wear them everyday and for special occasions, yes! sequins always make me feel as if i’m the star of my own show

layered on top of classics and statements are the below key metallic finishes, prints, and textures - 
brushed gold, antique silver + rhinestones, and tortoise shell, mainly in jewelry but also as hardware and buttons on clothing and accessories
black/white prints, camouflage, natural animal prints, and red/black buffalo plaid – worn allover, or in bottoms, tops, and jumpsuits, but especially as scarves and headwraps
leather and suede (core and statement colors) – these always add a bit of extra interest and can soften or polish a look

and that makes up my capsule wardrobe
it hasn’t failed me yet… 
are you ready to start yours?
start slow with a core color, add in prints, textures, and your metal finish and build from there…

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