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let’s talk beauty

your personal style does not only consist of clothing

it also includes beauty, hair, fragrance, jewelry, and other accessories

when building your capsule wardrobe

you should develop a complimentary beauty formulas to compliment and accentuate your clothing formulas

after all, your capsule wardrobe is meant to not only simplify your life

but to fill your closet, and in this case, your makeup pouches, with items that make you feel amazing

streamlining your beauty routine and creating beauty formulas will save you time, space, and money

building your beauty capsule wardrobe starts with purging and accessing

pull the items you use on a regular basis from your makeup drawer

pull the items you use for special occasions as well

separating the items that you rarely, or have never used

before purging, review the capsule wardrobe you are building

start accessing that beauty items work best with your capsule wardrobe formulas

as you recall, formulas are essentially outfits that fit a certain purpose

whether it’s date night, work, partying, working out, special events or vacations

same as with your clothing, start with accessing what beauty looks and routines that work best with the formulas you have put together

for instance, by beauty routine has a certain budget per year and 10-20 minutes each morning

all of my beauty formulas work within those parameters

if you have items, or even routines that don’t work for you, you should discard them

i don’t believe in waste, so i don’t recommend throwing away if you can use them up, or re-gift them, if possible

be choosey, as always

evaluating what you absolutely love about your face and aiming to accentuate that

the language of hiding or disguising imperfections is not something i will ever recommend

every single part of you should be embraced

there are aspects of our face and body that should be accentuated within the acceptance and embrace of the entire self

for instance, if your favorite feature are your lips, then you should put the most effort in your beauty formulas to accentuate them

finding lip products that work best, from scrubs to balms, liquid glosses to sticks

finding shades that fit your complexion and fit your formulas

if you love your cheekbones, invest in some highlighter, bronzers, and blushes darlin’

dress those cheekbones up

do not go on a shopping haul

use the products up that you have or give them away

purge items that are passed the expiration date

also, no need to stock up

try to avoid purchasing slightly different shades of the same color

it adds to the clutter which you are trying to avoid

also, makeup does expire so you don’t want to use anything after the expiration date

purchase only what you need, not what you’re recommended to have

as we discussed with clothing, not every trend meets every person’s needs

try the trends, but don’t commit to adding to your capsule unless they meet the same criteria as an item of clothing would

color palette

the product should coordinate with not only your complexion but with your clothing color palette as well


be sure to research quality and ingredients

quality isn’t determined by price, but how the product looks and performs on your skin

it doesn’t hurt to read reviews or watch impartial, unsponsored, reviews on social media or youtube

i also encourage buying samples of products

be sure to purchase from outlets that allow you to try and return


yes, it matters how the items make you feel

not only how others react to you wearing it, but how you react too


when combined with other items, are all of your formulas covered?

you shouldn’t invest too much of your budget in buying items that only meet the needs for one capsule

for example, if you have very little special occasions, but several date night formulas, focus on beauty looks that align with your date night formulas, and for special occasions, purchase specialty items as needed



quality products are made at every pricepoint

don’t break the bank on beauty

invest where you can, but don’t go overboard

you have one face, so you can only wear a few products at a time, remember that

product loyalty is also very important

if something works for you, it just works, and until it doesn’t, keep using it

be open to sampling new products that may work better

but i do recommend sticking with staples, as long as they serve you well

take the products you do use and organize them according to your principles and formulas

same as with your clothing color palette

chose your core, statement, and key looks that are specific to you

pinterest and youtube are your friend

play with makeup too

it’s mean to be fun!

same as with clothing, your core beauty formulas will ground your looks

start with your foundation, your bb creams, your powders, whatever you chose to use as your core face product

then you move onto your core makeup, shadows, bronzers, highlighters, lashes, lippies

depending on the time, budget, and skill, you may use all of these items, or very few

if you research everyday beauty looks on social sites, youtube, or instagram, you’ll immediately notice that “everyday” means something different to every person that wears makeup

so you’ll have to define for yourself, based on your formulas, what works for you

then, for your statement beauty formulas

when combined with your core, wow, just wow!

these are the looks, or parts of looks that are meant to accentuate your favorite features

for example, my favorite feature are my eyes, especially because i wear glasses, i make a point to accentuate my eyes

these are my statement looks and a common thread in all of my beauty formulas

an accentuated eye completes all of my looks

beauty is in the eye of the beholder but every person is beautiful and accentuating your beauty is the point of beauty capsule

i’ll walk you thru the creation of my beauty capsule, use this model to help you build yours –

the base for many of my clothing formulas are jewel tones, black and white prints, neutral animal prints, grey, camo, and pretty pastels

from this, i developed 3 beauty capsules

natural –worn with black and white prints, neutral animal prints, camo, and pretty pastels

- bare eyes, usually just liner and mascara, sometimes a natural shadow look

- natural lip (pink or peach)

neutral –worn with my jewel tones, grey, and camo

- heavy emphasis on the eyes (usually a multi-color eye look) with liner and mascara

- neutral brown/beige lip

bold – worn with black and white prints, grey, camo, and neutral animal prints

- depending on the mood, bare eyes or heavy emphasis

- bold red lip

and this is how i built it

*note, there are no sponsored or affiliate links in this post


scrubs – the butter bar skincare brown sugar scrub

system – buttah skin 3 part system + buttah skin rosewater toner


i personally prefer light coverage foundations; not a recommendation, but a personal choice

my foundation is normally a bb cream; for the past few years, i’ve been wearing –

bare minerals complexion rescue tinted moisturizer with spf

for a concealer and spot corrector, i use a stick foundation with a fuller coverage and a dewy finish

skin by mented cosmetics

for my brows, i use anastasia beverly hills dipbrow pomade

eyeliner urban decay 24/7 glide-on eye pencil in black and overdrive


mented cosmetics everyday + every night palettes

anastasia beverly hills x jackie aina palette


mented cosmetics sunkissed highlighter palette

finishing powder

mented cosmetics skin silk loose setting powder

setting spray

urban decay all nighter long lasting setting spray


fenty beauty mascara full frontal volume lift and curl


all mented cosmetics! all the time!

signature pinks/peaches – nude la la + peach please

signature neutrals – dope taupe + foxy brown

signature reds – red & butter + red rover

the glosses are great as well! my favs are send nudes + bombshell

some of my favorite looks are in my displayed palette (some, but not all, are photos of me) -

build your beauty palette and have fun my luvs!


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