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cultivating personal style

how do capsule wardrobe for black girls principles and parameters assist you in cultivating your personal style?

when you shop, are you working within guardrails to get the most out of your wardrobe? are you choosing your style over trends? if a trend aligns to your personal style, integrate it! if it doesn’t, toss it! if you force it, it will look forced

does the piece look good on you? remember that items are shown on models and not on women with the beautiful imperfections that we all have, and sometimes items that are “in fashion” are not always the items for you

are you using your budget, no matter the price, on items with the most impact to your wardrobe? including items that will be noticed, but also items that will be a key pieces (worn often)

does this fit flatter the parts of your body you love? does it fit your shape in a flattering way? a good fit is non-negotiable

does this silhouette fit formulas (formulated outfits) that have a purpose in your life? (for example - if you need suits every few years, then you should have one great suit with alternate shirts and shoes, but not multiple suits, maybe invest more in formulas that you wear to work or school, where you spend most of your time)

is this item versatile? fit into several different formulas? can you dress up this item up, down, or wear everyday? can these pieces transition from day to night? is it limited for a specific event? can they transition across more than one season?

does this piece work with your current wardrobe? or will you have to buy several other pieces to “make this work”? no more of “i can make it work, if i wear it like this, or i purchase that…” clothing in your wardrobe from this point on

do you already have a piece in your closet that meets the purpose of this new item? is this a replacement? is the item underrepresented in your wardrobe? or overrepresented based on your lifestyle and formulas that you need? if you have something, is it in need of replacement or repair? perhaps maintenance is needed for the item you have instead of purchasing another

for footwear, does the heel height, fit/comfort make sense for your formulas? for your lifestyle? for clothing, the fabric should not irritate your skin nor body

lastly, is the care manageable for your lifestyle? your budget? laundry? dry-cleaning? handwashing?

these are all things you should think about as you build your parameters based on capsule wardrobe principles and re-evaluate as needed


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