hey lovers…

thank you so much for staying engaged with “capsule wardrobe for black girls” during our haitus

i’ve been working on several projects

and just this past holiday season launched my sleepwear capsule brand, je mérite

for those just starting out on their capsule collection, please scroll back to my earlier posts

we will be revisiting those posts periodically as we refresh our wardrobes each season

alright! let’s jump right into it!

when we were last together, we discussed black owned businesses

introducing you to products from small businesses and brands will be a focus of this blog

no, we won’t exclusively feature black owned businesses, but as in my “shopping with intention” post, all shopping in capsule wardrobe shopping is intentional

that includes who you purchase from

we will be focusing on adding smaller brands, women owned brands, IPOC owned brands, and black owned brands into our capsule wardrobe formulas intentionally

not only does this diversify your formulas

but it also supports small businesses at a time when they really do need it

as normal, all links are non-affiliate unless announced

the majority of these brands are brands i have purchased myself and can vouch for



for the bold and bearded –

affordable skin and facial hair products for people with beards

they also sell great skincare products for folks who prefer to shave their beards off

cwbg recommends the everyday beard bundle

products are made in detroit, michigan and a portion of each sale gives back to hbcu's and other organizations

whipped body butters from

these are the absolutely most moisturizing body butters i’ve used

especially if you’re experiencing winter dryness, or suffer from eczema

cwbg recommends the “fall body butter bundle”

you can buy this one set and split it up into 3 different gifts

a great hostess gift

great as a massage butter

*please note, these butters use natural ingredients and there are warnings for nut allergies

an oldie but goodie - bevel

a full line of products for mens skin and haircare

bevel’s become the industry standard for mens’ grooming

cwbg recommends the skin starter bundle

although their products are sold through many distributers now, it’s always best to purchase directly through the company’s website

shower oils and gels, perfume oils and sprays from

some of the most amazing and unique fragrances i’ve come across

they sell out quickly and often so if you see something you want, don’t hesitate

there’s a new collection that just launched called “cozy spice”

cwbg recommends the perfume oil discover set

you can gift all four mini roller balls of split them up and pair with other items for a more robust gift

this is a great gift for friends who love travel like I do

perfume oils and body butters from

i discovered this company thru a karen hunter interview with the late great michael k williams

this a great unisex buy (although kits are gendered)

their fragrances are rich and can be worn by men, women, and non-gender conforming folks

they offer several kits and bundles for “Trying, Flying and Thriving”

cwbg recommends the luxuriate scent in body butter and oil roller but this scent comes in almost all of their products

just enter “luxuriate” in the search bar and enjoy!

a great budget gift is a nylon african exfoliating net from

this african exfoliating net, also know as a sapo, or bathing sponge, is perfect for bathing and is used to gently exfoliate the skin by removing dead skin cells

some of the many benefits include:

  • serves very well as an exfoliator

  • dries faster than a typical sponge and prevents the accumulation and breeding of bacteria

  • cut long enough to clean every part of the body including the back

  • improves blood circulation

  • can be used for 2 years+ without any damage

this was my main stocking stuffer this past holiday season



shameless, but not so shameless plug,, 50% off with no promo code thru february 14th

je mérite (i deserve) is a capsule collection of signature sleepwear made with women in mind

women who deserve ethically designed, sourced, and manufactured boudoir wear made by american craftsmen in the most dynamic city in the world, new york city

a collection carefully curated for women, by women, who deserve all the gifts the world has to offer

the lola collection is named after famed lola falana

the collection consists of 4 signature pcs – a gown, camisole, pleated short, and wrapped robe in sizes S-XL

these are the softest washed silk pieces you will ever own

yes, we are expanding to more peices to add to your capsule this fall

to wear under your je mérite pieces,

love vera is my go to for intimates and lingerie pieces

their lovers collection is now available for preorder

cwbg recommends love, vera appliqué bra & panty set black

love, vera is closing the opportunity gap for black women in fashion and raising the bar for representation & inclusivity

and oldie but goodie

lvmh owned partnership with rihanna fenty is an amazing brand that is a industry leader in inclusive lingerie, intimates, and sleepwear across all genders

be forwarned, this is a monthly membership service

cwbg recommends the Savage X Satin Boxers and the cotton essentials bralette set (i honestly have far too many of those!)


as part of my personal self-care journey during the quarantine, i started taking my evening baths and showers by candlelight; lighting a great candle is the perfect way to wine down after a long day, a short day, any day frankly

black-woman owned minimalist candles by are perfect to set the mood

the candles are handcrafted and poured

i highly recommend adding them to your aromatherapy routine

these are made to order so a longer term gift if preordered

cwbg recommends – coco butter cashmere; a spicy coconut scent

yes, this is a soy candle that is paraben and phthalate free with no additives

perfect buy for that conscientious person you love

an old favorite yes, this is the famed jackie aina’s candle company and it’s worth it!

i love the statement on her site –

"strong black woman..."

that’s what they like to call us right?

but why do i always have to be strong?

what if I want to be pampered?

what if i’m not always the strong one?”

pampering yourself is essential

it is just essential

whatever your gender, softness, gentleness with yourself is essential

self love is so cliché nowadays, but self-care is essential and beautiful

cwbg recommends the mini gift set; if you love the scent, you can always purchase a full candle

budget gift for candle lovers

REIDEA Candle Lighter

you can purchase directly on their website at or on amazon

this is carryon safe

i traveled with it myself just this past holiday season

it works amazing and will light your candles with an electric charge instead of a flame

charges with usb

great tech for a low price

last but not least, the accessories

slippers by

these comfy slippers come in two colors now but will be expanding to more colors shortly

their signature slipper with a specific square toe design is back, better and cozier

updated with a heavier sole for both indoor and outdoor use, their slipper was re-designed with longevity and durability in mind

cwbg recommends the plush edit slipper in cowgirl

have a great time shopping!!!

do you have any brands you would like to recommend?

send me a DM, an e-mail or leave a comment

next up! closet cleanup preparing for spring 2022


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