it's time to reinvent our capsule for the new year

i don’t know about you, but i cannot wait for the spring!

i love lounge clothes as much as the next girl, but now that outdoor venues are opening up and we can luxuriate on a rooftop social distanced of course

i’m ready to get out of the house!

it’s time to look in our closets and conduct a good ole fitting session

if you’re like me, you may have gained or lost a little bit of weight

that’s just life

trying on your clothing would just give you the best idea of which items still hit all of your principles of your capsule –

body love

dressing for your body shape and how you like your clothing to fit; investing in quality and well-fitted undergarments to accentuate what you love; the items in your closet must fit your body right now, as you are today; looking good and feeling good shouldn’t wait for when you are at your ideal size or weight; it must happen now

complexion love

wearing colors and color groups the complement your complexion; if neutral colors look incredible against your skin, they should be a staple in your palette; same with pastels, jewel tones, or primary colors; black women love color and color loves us… and some of us don’t… that’s okay too J

lifestyle love

create formulas (formulated outfits) for all the areas of you life; the activity where the most time is spent or that is the most important, should be where you devote the most of your formulas, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look fabulous at the gym or on vacation. you should have items you love for every activity in your lifestyle, but you should have more formulas where you spend the most time and/or where you value the most

every year, all of our favorite fashion magazines announce spring trends

and yes

they always include florals!

but when you have a capsule wardrobe, there are certain things you must do to evaluate these trends

some trends may be the missing pc of your wardrobe you didn’t know you needed

others are just fluff that may end up in the donate pile at the end of the season

remember your principles –

budget – can you afford to add to your wardrobe? is this item in your clothing budget?

quality – is this item worthy? does it feel good on the skin? are the seams finished and reinforced? How complex is the care? will it last?

silhouette – does the fit work well for your body? does it accentuate what you want it to? is the length appropriate for your lifestyle? or fit the formulas needed in your life?

color palette – does the pc come in colors or prints that are on your palette or can be integrated in? do the colors look great together, and more importantly, look great on you?

emotion – do you love it? your goal in this is a closet full of items that you love. you should be excited or at least satisfied to wear it confidently knowing you look great!

transition – they must transition, day to night, for more than one purpose or event, and across at least two seasons (spring/summer counts)

let’s review the trends!

these aren’t recommendations sis

you are your own fashion expert

you are your stylist

you don’t need me, you know what makes you feel amazing!

now onto the trends honey!

our first trend is print mixing

a great tip to mixing prints is picking prints that have one color in common

especially, when the common color is a primary or ground color in on print, but it is a secondary or tertiary color in the corresponding item

make it work

start with the prints in your capsule

or instance, my prints are black/white prints, camo, neutral animal prints, and red/black tartan plaid

first I assess if any of the items I have in these prints work in a formula together

i first see that red/black tartan plaid and black/white prints easily work together, then… wait, so does this camo print, and this leopard scarf

now i have an on-trend fit of a leopard scarf headwrap, a black and white top, camo pant, and a tartan plaid scarf

or, a camo jacket, leopard scarf, tartan plaid shirt, and black and white pencil skirt

if you’re just starting out, you can slowly adopt this trend into your capsule by mixing two different patterns in the same colors

for instance, mixing a black and white stripe print with a black and white animal pattern

or a black and white horizontal pattern with a black and white vertical pattern

once you are comfortable with that, get a little more daring

for instance, if you start with mixing black and white prints, maybe add in a black and white print floral or check print that is black and white but has an additional color or two added in

you can also match two prints that have colors from the same color family

prints that use have all pastel colors or all jewel tones

this particular trend encourages harmony between many prints, colors, textiles, and silhouettes

it’s not the easiest trend, please review my pinterest for some options, but once you’ve mastered what mixing prints means for you, it can be really fun!

review your palette for prints you have that will mix and match well together and find prints with those colors and patterns and get mixing!

the next trend are sweatsuits

oh my god i love a sweatsuit!

sweatsuits are going nowhere and that’s fantastic!

who’s ready for fitted pants? no one!

enjoy your elastic waistbands sis!

i sure will!

make it work

start with your palette and look for fits that either coordinate with or are the same as colors in your wardrobe

perhaps in the softer, more traditionally femme colors in your palette may be a great way to refresh your sweats for this

new season

look for items that fit the way you like them to

whether slim or oversized; show off what you love

i mean, what’s not to love?

so no hiding under fabric


i prefer my sweats heavier weight, yes, even in the summer

you may prefer yours lighter weight

as long as they are soft and show your beautiful curves

follow your silhouette rules for how you want the items to drape your body

depending on the material, the fit may be a little different

purchasing high quality items that feels great on the skin is a great start; no itchy sweats

have fun with this one!

i know i will!

the next trend is everyday embellishment and shiny suits a la badboy

we love a great shine, especially in the daytime, you’ll see shine and sparkle allover my pinterest

please make sure you follow, there are some great capsule wardrobe ideas over there

i’m obsessed with daytime sequins and metallic clothing from my days at J. Crew under Jenna Lyons

i love shine paired with a soft matte or a sheer

it’s giving old hollywood glam

make it work

the reason i encourage everyone to add metallic finishes into their palettes

by way of jewelry or hardware

is for trends just like this one!

you pull your metallic finishes directly from your palette

my palette is very classic with brushed gold and antique silver

when looking for metallic, i normally gravitate to these

these should be your go-to finishes for your metallic apparel and jewelry

wearing statement jewelry in the daytime is normally not on trend

not anymore

from classic alphabet pendants, always in style, to diamond embellished necklaces and statement rings and big beautiful hoops

ornate yourself honey!

next are femme dresses

after months of lounge clothing, a pretty dress in a spring print or soft color might be the perfect mood boost

long flowing flattering maxi dresses are back

if they are one of your chosen silhouettes, you are in luck!

make it work

again, you should only adopt items in your capsule that work for you

ultra femme dresses don’t work for me traditionally but there are some aspects that i really love about them

for me, i love a high neck, with pleating, sort of that greek goddess look

i also love a scoopneck knit maxi, fitted through the hips

spaghetti straps, ruffles, tulle, are all encouraged for this trend, but these details aren’t for all of us

but if they work for you, go for it!

maybe a slinky piece or a tea dress under a leather jacket is more your style, but the point is, toss those pants!

the modern black dress is also back

this is an item i’ve sorely missed in my own capsule; a seductive black dress that i can dress up or dress down

one that can transition from day to night is necessary

this is the easiest trend

one that we all can participate in

everyone can add a feminine dress to their capsule

there are a myriad of fits, lengths and fabrics to make you feel flirty

i can’t wait to shop for this one

next trend is casual suiting

when a sweatsuit just won’t do, try this trend

make it work

a soft blazer and a soft bottom are the pillars of this trend

this one may be a bit challenging because some of us just prefer a more structured fit

give this one a try though

soft doesn’t always mean knit, but it can

single breasted, double breasted, meant to be worn open or closed, shoulder pads or not, a soft blazer is on trend

i personally haven’t been able to wear this trend in the past, but i’m open to giving it another shot

it’s absolutely one you should try, if interested

you may already have pcs in your capsule

as we enter back into the in-person working world, a soft suit might be just the thing you need

this isn’t necessarily a classic trend so unless you’re absolutely sold on it, don’t invest too much

in a few months this trend may be non-existent, but if you like it, i love it

if this is a key item for you, go for it!

feminine colors and spring brights, the trend that adds new colors to your palette

soft colors like mint green, soft lavender, and butter yellow are trending this season

find the pastel that works the best for you

for me, purples, pinks, and green pastels look great, but pastel yellows are risky and pastel blue is a no

make it work

everyone can wear this trend, but not all pastel colors or spring brights may work for you, so refer back to your palette and find the right colors for complexion

bubblegum pink is trending really high so if pink is already a part of your capsule, give this shade a try

my palette includes pastels so a pink that coordinates with the pastels already in my palette work well…

bubblegum pink can be a very romantic color in softer materials so consider it for sleepwear and evening wear as well

lime green a la tennis ball is also back… i feel like every few years this color rears it’s head

look for shades that work great for you and coordinate with existing colors in your wardrobe

this is a great color for melanated skin tones

ensure you safely soak up that vitamin d this spring, okay?

tangerine is also back

as an orange lady, go ‘cuse! i’ve loved orange since it became a staple in my wardrobe during undergrad

tangerine is brilliant and can add some life back into your wardrobe

no better way to shed those winter blues than with a heavy dose of citrus!

scarlet anyone? since wandavision exploded into our lives, i knew red would be a trend this season

and it is

there’s something mature and feminine about red; if bubblegum pink gives you lil girl vibes, try red instead

red is and will always be the power color choice of baddies of all ages!

whether head to toe like a great red dress

or a statement pc like a blazer, a shoe, an amazing handbag, or a sexy red lip, enjoy this trend!

its recommended to pair back the rest of your look when sporting this particular trend

but we don’t hold back, do we?

that’s why we’re different here

incorporate as many of these colors into your wardrobe this season and, dare i say, wear them together?

the next trend is leather suiting

remember our transition principle

especially when purchasing items in leather or wool, you may have limited seasons when it can be worn

make it work

for spring, leather suiting in a spring color that can also be worn under a overcoat in the winter would be my choice here

look for midi dresses, maxi dresses and skirts, even kaftan style dresses in leather with a blazer

maybe a great oversized blazer

also on-trend

depending on your palette, the trend calls for earth toned colors and classic black

you should have at least one of these colors in your palette to take advantage of this trend

i’m thinking i’ll go with khaki (fatigue), sand, or maybe even saddle

oh and leather never means actual leather nowadays so feel free to go vegan

ensure you’re buying quality items here

often leather or vegan leather will age very poorly and may not be worth the investment so remember our quality principles when shopping this particular trend

also, when it gets too warm, put this away

we don’t want to end up looking like stand-up comics from the 80s and 90s sweating on stage…


you know who i’m talking about!

baggy jeans are the next trend

so if you didn’t know by now, i’m a xennial

after being bullied by the amazing gen z folks in my life, i’ve realized my skinny jeans might be on their way out


i’m holding on for dear life!

but, this may be the season where i try baggy jeans

make it work

natural rise, low rise, high rise, this trend is everywhere

distressed, straight leg are recommended but please please please find the pair that make you feel beautiful

if none do, ignore the kids, and go back to your skinnies!


paired with a fitted top, it may be a silhouette worth adding to your capsule

especially if you’re like me, will a bit more quarantine curviness

a looser pant isn’t a bad idea after all

i know i’m not the only one!

i’ll pull some examples of true baggy and transitionally slim baggy jeans for those of us, like me, that get flashbacks of our childhoods shopping for these

i still can’t believe I bought a sewing machine so i could sew notches into the waistband of boys jeans so they would fit my waist and i could wear them with a crop tube top like aaliyah

the memories…

the next trend? take a boyfriend shirt, and make it femme

the button-down shirt is back but in a boyfriend silhouette, less fitted, more billowing and a bit oversized

make it work

in traditionally feminine colors or a print, this is a great silhouette for almost everyone

because it’s boyfriend, it’s full enough to roll up the sleeves and tie under the bust

it should drape over so gently over your bust and cascade over your hips

for the spring, look for classic white oxfords and chambrays

even cottons or silks in spring colors are really nice

stray away from feminine detailing that will take away from this trend

it should truly resemble a mens’ classic shirt

this is a classic style so look for a great quality pc that can last a while

and an added bonus, you can easily find one in your guy’s closet to try out

oversized shoulder-pad boyfriend jackets coming up next

the 80s are here to stay!

make it work

i love a long oversized blazer with large shoulder pads

something the hot girl would wear in John Hughes movies

couple with leather, denim, or matching bottom a la our soft suiting or leather suiting trends

this could be a great way to tackle many trends at once!

what to wear with it? try something fitted

be careful with proportions here and chose a straighter leg over volume or flair

i love a short short with an oversized blazer

play with your proportions and elongate your legs

colors that are on-trend for this look, pastels, charcoal, and neutrals over basic black

this trend has been around for a while, in coats mostly, but now as a topper

this is one that will last, so investing in a great piece will have tons of value

and second to last, head scarfs

alright, i know

this is “capsule wardrobe for black girls” after all

i’m well aware headscarves/headwraps aren’t a trend, they are a staple

i’m wearing one as i write this so i get it

but they are trending this season

make it work

for this trend, the headwraps are in a silky material and in florals and intricate feminine patterns

which is a bit less traditional

i really love that

wear them in intricate styles

there are endless ways to wear a headscarf

also, depending how you wear your hair during the spring would determine the type of scarf you wear

for this trend, i think i’ll incorporate the feminine color trend or the metallic trend

maybe even a vegan leather pastel headwrap

that might be AMAZING

or a really pretty floral print

there are so many great headwrap brands and so many great places to find fabric to make your own, from thrift stores, to remnant fabric shops, to etsy

i personally am going to have a lot of fun with this one

last but not least, for all the bag collectors like myself, bags in yellow and blue, maybe a bit of fringe?

i’m obsessed with yellow bags!!!

they are amazing! from a mustard, to a sunflower, to a lemon yellow, they add warmth to any formula

blue, however, is not a very popular color in bags, but why not?

this may actually be a trend to try if you have blues in your capsule

deeper, not necessary dark hues would be great; and even blue/greys would be amazing

make it work

go for a monochrome look or pair with classic black and grey

look for bags that are functional over fashion

my safety test is always a card case, keys, a lippie, and my phone

all must fit

some small bags even have a place for your cash and cards so the wallet is unnecessary

now fringe…

i know, i know, it’s a little country western, however, it’s also a bit rock’n’roll

from an allover fringe hobo to a clutch or even a classic bag with a fringe tassel

i’m seeing a lot of leather and suede in either bold colors like red, or classic black and brown

fringe continues to come back into style every few years so if you don’t have a fringe bag yet, it’s about time you get one

bags are the great loves of my life so adding a new color or a fringe option is a no-brainer

even bags that “go out of style” look new and fresh when paired with the right outfit and shoe

or, you can play it safer and purchase a fringe tassel separately and just tie them to your existing bags

it’s a great way to embrace this trend before you take the plunge!

we have so many great trends to add to our capsules

but again, there is no pressure here and not every trend should be adopted

for most of us only a few will work into our capsules, and that’s just enough

most of us already have these trends in our wardrobes

so before purchasing, and i know you’re super tempted to go shopping like i am, shop your closet first

hold off on a shopping haul

pull your spring wardrobe and find the items in your wardrobe that meet these trends and THEN buy a few pcs to complete your looks

have a great spring beauties!



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