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the fit session

“a great wardrobe is like a well oiled machine that consists of interrelated parts that all work together, allowing you to mix and match freely and create a ton of different outfits that all suit your personal style” – the curated closet by anuschka rees

identifying your core silhouettes

the second most important parameter in creating your capsule wardrobe is to discover silhouettes that look best on you

whether it’s a slip dress or a cocoon, denim jeans or a pencil skirt; off the shoulder top or crewneck tee, it has to make you feel great, and emphasize the parts of your silhouette you love the most

in a time of the “silhouette challenge”, where Black women are embracing their feminine curves and angles, you should explore the silhouettes that accentuate the beauty of your frame

building your capsule wardrobe and accentuating your personal style takes time and should be reevaluated each season or when your lifestyle changes

you start the same way we did with your color palette, with the clothing your currently have in your closet

and investing in a full length mirror

it’s extremely important to see your entire body

pull the clothing from your closet for the current season

clothing that you wear often (or you plan on wearing often)

try them on

either individually or in formulas

as sort of self-styling session

do this periodically as you build your capsule

consider self-styling after laundry or picking up your clothing from the dry-cleaners

or pulling items from your closet at the end of a major season, like summer (beginning of fall) or winter (beginning of spring)

as you build your capsule, continue to have periodic fit sessions, when you add new items

especially when adding the season’s hottest silhouette to your capsule

just because it’s in all of the magazines, doesn’t mean it’s for you, but it might be

so yes, purchase trendy items and evaluate them according to the principles and parameters

if they work, keep them

if they don’t, return them

try on your clothing to evaluate how they fit and how they feel on your body

are they limiting? meaning, do those silhouettes only “work” with specific items? perhaps one or two formulas? as we've learned this is not enough

all of the items in your capsule wardrobe must be versatile

as you periodically fit your clothing, you will notice some patterns

are certain silhouettes repeated often in your wardrobe?

something as simple as a crew or v-neck

do you see them repeated in your wardrobe in sweaters, tees, and dresses?

identifying patterns is very important

your periodic self-styling sessions will also reveal holes in your wardrobe and keep you on track in your personal style journey

mix and match pieces during your fittings and create new formulas

add accessories and footwear

take photos of yourself in individual pieces and outfits

what silhouettes do you wear the most? and why?

what silhouettes do you wear the least? and why?

do all of of the items in your favorite silhouettes align with your color palette?

yes, they have to

does the silhouette fit into your formulas? for school? for work? for leisure? formal vs casual?

focus on items you would actually wear

not items that you are attracted to, but silhouettes that YOU feel you look the best in

this is how you define your style

this is how you create your signature formulas

perhaps you found that one of your signature silhouettes are dresses? or pants?

dig a bit deeper and ask yourself, is your signature silhouette a bodycon dress? shirt? wrap? cocoon? or a combination of those? do you wear more of one or the other?

if you find that you wear pants in the majority of your formulas, are the pants a certain style or material? boot cut? boyfriend? slim fit? ankle? denim? menswear? leather/vegan leather?

once you identify a few of those favorite silhouettes, challenge yourself to dress them up and dress them down

create a date night look and transition that to a casual brunch look, using the same item, like a dress, or a t-shirt

create your pinnacle looks

the looks that you feel the most exquisite in

now begin to purge

slowly work the items out of your wardrobe that are unfaltering silhouettes and/or do not fit into your color palette

these items can be donated or sold

start putting those aside, taking photos of those items and placing them for sale or placing them in reusable bags for your next trip to your local clothing donation site

you don’t have to purge all at once, you can slowly place these items aside or in a suitcase until you feel comfortable enough to let them go

but let them go


thanks for stopping by!

I created this blog for women like me.  Fashionistas, lovers of colors and prints that want to take advantage of the benefits of a capsule wardrobe.  I've done it so I know you can do it to!

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