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the rules

you don't need to be a minimalist to incorporate capsule wardrobe principles into your wardrobe

what are the principles and parameters of a capsule wardrobe for black girls?

the principles

body love

dressing for your body shape and how you like your clothes to fit; investing in quality and well-fitting undergarments to accentuate what you love; the items in your closet must fit your body right now, as you are today; looking good and feeling good shouldn’t wait for when you are at your ideal size or weight, it must happen now

complexion love

wearing colors and color groups the complement your complexion; if neutral colors look incredible against your skin, they should be a staple in your palette; same with pastels, jewel tones, or primary colors; black women love color and color loves us… and some of us don’t… that’s okay too

lifestyle love

create formulas (formulated outfits) for all the areas of you life; the activity where the most time is spent or that is the most important to you, should be where you devote the most of your formulas, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look fabulous at the gym or on vacation. you should have items you love for every activity in your lifestyle, but you should have more formulas where you spend the most time and/or the activities you value the most

the parameters

color palette

in your palette are colors and patterns that compliment your complexion and personality; color and patterns that you find yourself wearing over and over and over... in order to build a palette, you will have to examine the colors and patterns you love and decipher which ones can be worn together and expel the colors and patterns that do not compliment you or compliment each other


does the fit work well for your body? does it accentuate what you want it to? is the length appropriate for your lifestyle? do these silhouettes fit the formulas needed in your life?


is this item worthy? does it feel good on the skin? are the seams finished and reinforced? how complex is the care? will it survive several washes or dry-cleaning?


do you love it? your goal in building a capsule wardrobe is a closet full of items that you love. you should be excited or at least satisfied to wear every formula confidently, knowing you look great!


the items in your capsule must transition, day to night, for more than one purpose or event, and across at least two seasons (yes! spring and summer do count!)


can you afford to add to your wardrobe? is this item in your clothing budget?

these are the rules... they seem simple but can be pretty difficult to nail down in the beginning. the best part is, once you've determined your parameters based on the principles outlined above, shopping will be more satisfying and your closet will be all the better for it


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I created this blog for women like me.  Fashionistas, lovers of colors and prints that want to take advantage of the benefits of a capsule wardrobe.  I've done it so I know you can do it to!

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